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If you’re interested in selling your items, we’ll be happy to buy them from you and offer them to new owners, who will benefit from them.

Why use our buying service

  • You’ll receive the money in cash within 5 minutes
  • We buy a wide range of goods
  • We take responsibility for purchased goods
  • You’ll get up to 70% of the current market price
  • Friendly and discreet negotiations
  • No complicated paperwork, just your ID is needed

How much do I get for the goods?

We’ll put a price on your valuables according to their current market price, age, level of wear and tear, existence of a warranty certificate and proof of origin.

The money we offer you for your sale will range from 50 % to 70 % of the current market price.

When will I get the money?

Our purchase of standard goods, which takes place in our shop, takes only a few minutes. First, we’ll give you an approximate price and, if you agree, we’ll then inspect and test the item. If everything is in order, we’ll buy the item from you and you’ll receive the money immediately.

However, if we find a minor defect or irregularity in the item, you’ll be offered a lower price according to the defects found.

Approximate purchasing price

Please send us an email with a description, preferably with photos of the items you’re offering, or contact us at +420 607 555 888.

For our exact buying price of used goods, please visit our shop in person. For new items, we’re able to tell you the exact purchase amount over the phone.

I want to get an approximate price

Buying and pawning gold, silver and jewelry

We react flexibly to the development of the price of gold and always offer you the highest possible price for your sale. We analyze jewelry in the most modern way possible using a spectrometer.

You can find current gold and silver buying prices in our website’s gold buying section.

Výkup zlata a stříbra

Gold purchase prices

999/100024 carats1 673 CZK
750/100018 carats1 256 CZK
585/100014 carats
(hallmarked, intact jewelry)
585/100014 carats980 CZK
375/10009 carats628 CZK
333/10008 carats558 CZK

* Prices are for 1g of gold

Silver purchase prices

999/100024 carats14 CZK
959/100023 carats14 CZK
925/100022,2 carats13 CZK
900/100021,6 carats13 CZK
835/100020 carats12 CZK
800/100019 carats11 CZK

* Prices are for 1g of silver

The minimum quantity of intact silver jewelry required for buying and pawning is 80g.
In cases where the quantity is less than 10g, you don’t want to wait because you need the money immediately, or the gold and silver cannot be melted and cleaned, our buying price is 3.5% lower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 70% of the current market price.

We only buy from people over 18 years of age with a valid ID.

The money is paid in cash immediately after the contract is concluded.

We buy almost everything that still has a marketable value above 1,000 CZK.

You can find all the detailed information about buying precious metals on our website

No, we don’t buy damaged or excessively worn items, except for jewelry and valuables made of gold and silver.

Want to get an approximate buying price?

Send us a description of the goods, preferably with photos of the things you’re offering.
We’ll then send you our approximate buying price.