Plzeň Expres Hotovost - Zastavárna Bazar

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Our store in Pilsen

Mikulášská tř. 289/4
326 00 Plzeň

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Komerční banka

Operating hours

July - August
Mon - Fri
9am - 7pm
9am - 3:30pm

Express Cash

+420 607 555 888

Jewelry sale, purchase
+420 799 999 55

Golden Expres
Purchase of gold, silver
+420 772 000 700

How to find us?

Our shop is located in the center of Pilsen near the Main Train Station, which is about 100m from us.

From the train station, drive in the direction of Slovany (a Pilsen neighborhood) and Nepomuk. You’ll pass under two viaducts, and just past them on the right side, there is a free-standing housing block where you’ll see our shop marked with the sign EXPRES HOTOVOST.

You can also come from the other direction (from Slovany / Nepomuk) and you’ll find us on the left; the viaducts and the station will be past us.

If you’re driving, please choose the first option – you’ll be able to park better in front of our shop.

If you have trouble finding your way around, give us a call and we'll be happy to guide you.

Company headquarters

Fronesis Finance s.r.o.

Lannova 2061/8
Prague 1
Czech Republic


+420 607 555 888
Company ID: 06357512
VAT ID: CZ06357512

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