Why to cooperate with us

- We offer transparent prices and precise advices

- Quick exchange of your valuables for money, pawn or repurchase

- We are having one of the lowest pawn interests in Czech Republic

- No personal responsibility, the loan is quaranteed by your valuable only

- Flexible and discreet negotiation on high level

- 7days probationary period on the goods bought in our store and 14days in our e-shop

About us

In 2010 we have launged first e-shop with second-hand goods in Czech Republic.

Use the oportunity of our more than 10 years experiences in pawn activities and get promtly money or high quality goods for a good price. We are familiar with smart business and it has to be always advantageous for both sides.

We put extra emphasis on customer service to be satisfied with our business.


Our references

Naše reference na Google Moje firma Naše reference na Google Moje firma
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