guaranteed by collateral

We provide the lowest
interest rate
starting at 0.9 %

from 500* - 5,000 CZK
4.8 %
over 5,000 - 10,000 CZK
4 %
over 10,000 - 50,000 CZK
3.5 %
over 50,000 - 150,000 CZK
2.5 %
over 150,000 CZK
0.9 %

*The interest rate of 2.5% and lower is always fixed for a minimum of 28 days. The minimum loan amount is 130 CZK if the interest is less than CZK 130.

To arrange a loan, visit us in person
at our branch in Pilsen.

Maximum benefits for you

  • No commitment - only your goods are used as collateral
  • Fast and discreet processing within 5 minutes
  • Fair negotiations and no hidden fees
  • We’ll lend you up to 70 % of the current market price
  • Loan for 28 days - you won’t pay for unused weeks
  • We’ll keep your forfeited collateral for 14 days
  • Easy extension without time limitations
  • All you need is a valid ID and a minimum age of 18

Why choose us?

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High quality standards

We offer high-quality services
at low prices


Satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction
is our priority


Satisfaction guarantee

Providing secure solutions
to financial emergencies for 14 years

Easy and fast

  • We don’t carry out any financial verification - we just need your ID.
  • No hidden fees, fair, discreet and honest negotiation.
  • Repayment of the loan is up to you - only your valuables are used as collateral.

High pawning prices for gold, silver

We react flexibly to the development of the price of gold and always offer you the highest possible price for your sale. We analyze jewelry in the most modern way possible using a spectrometer.

Výkup zlata a stříbra

Pawning prices - gold

999/100024 carats1 673 CZK
750/100018 carats1 256 CZK
585/100014 carats
(hallmarked, intact jewelry)
585/100014 carats980 CZK
375/10009 carats628 CZK
333/10008 carats558 CZK

* Prices are for 1g of gold

Pawning prices - silver

999/100024 carats14 CZK
959/100023 carats14 CZK
925/100022,2 carats13 CZK
900/100021,6 carats13 CZK
835/100020 carats12 CZK
800/100019 carats11 CZK

* Prices are for 1g of silver

The minimum quantity of intact silver jewelry required for pawning is 80g and 30g for our purchase.
In cases where the quantity is less than 10g, you don’t want to wait because you need the money immediately, or the gold cannot be melted and cleaned, our buying price is 3.5% lower.

You'll get even more from our loan

Lowest interest rates on pawning. Collateral is agreed upon for a term of 28 days with the option of terminating and redeeming it any time during this period.

We charge by the week. Each unused week is deducted. This extended period isn’t limited by the number of items

More information about collateral

We only lend to people over 18 years of age with a valid ID.

Up to 70% of the current market price depending on the type and condition of the goods.

The interest rate ranges from 0.9% to 4.8%. The amount of interest depends on the amount borrowed. The higher the amount, the lower the interest. The minimum interest charge is 130 CZK.

Our contract is clear and transparent, and in it you’ll find exactly how much you’ll be paying.

The contract is negotiated for 28 days; interest is calculated by weeks, and you won’t be charged for any unused weeks.

We'll deduct each unused week.

Paying off the loan is up to you. If you no longer want the collateral or can’t come to collect, then your obligation also ends on the same day your contract ends. The goods then become our property. We will resell the goods to cover our debt.

If you pay the interest on the day your contract ends, you can extend it again for another 28 days.

If you pay the amount borrowed plus interest on the loan by the end of the pawning period, your goods will be transferred back into your possession and the item will be returned to you.

Any goods that are forfeited from unclaimed collateral will be held by us for 14 days. Within this period, you’ll still have a chance to redeem the collateral or extend the contract.

Yes, as long as he or she has your original signed contract.

Yes, anyone can renew the contract for you.

Yes, but you must present your ID upon pickup.

If we haven't loaned you the maximum amount, yes.

You can, but you also have to pay the current interest due.

We’ll take almost everything that still has any tradable value above CZK 1,000.

No, we don’t accept damaged or excessively worn items, except for jewelry and valuables made of gold and silver.

No, items that are pawned with us are safely stored in a vault or warehouse.

Yes, but pawn is always fixed at least for 28 days with 4,8% interest rate and the value of pawn has to be higher than 3999 CZK.