Terms and conditions of repurchase

If you are interested in selling your goods which you don´t use and would like to receive cash immediately, we would repurchase your goods and offer it to new owners.

How much you receive?

Your valuables will be evaluated according to actual market price, age and range of wear out, existence of warranty card and enclosed proof of purchase.

Financial means which will be offered for repurchase of your goods will usually be in range from 50 to 70% actual market price. It depends on kind, condition and age of offered object.

For setting draft repurchase price please contact us via e-mail with detailed description of the goods and with some pictures if possible. Or call us + 420 607 555 888. For exact repurchase price of used goods visit us in our store personally. By brand new goods we are able to set off exact repurchase price over the phone.

When you receive your money?

Repurchase by common goods which takes place in our store takes few minutes (5 -10 min). We will tell you the draft repurchase price first and if you agree we check and test your goods.

In case everything is all right, we will repurchase goods from you and the money will be paid out immediately. If we find out some defect or discrepancy we will offer you lower repurchase price, which will be reduced for discovered defects. In case you agree, the money will be paid out immediately.

By non-standard repurchases (cars, properties, bigger quantity of products) is the repurchase period longer, according to each item. Money for repurchase of your car, in case everything is all right, you will receive within one hour.

What conditions you have to meet?

For realization of repurchase it is necessary to meet some conditions.

We repurchase from adults older than 18 years with valid ID card. Your goods offered is not allowed to come from criminal activity and has to be in your ownership.

We reserve the right to cancel the business anytime during accepting goods for repurchase before the contract is concluded.

Goods not accepted for repurchase?

  • coming from criminal activity and registered in theft register
  • obsolete, valid mostly by electronics and IT technologies
  • damaged goods (not valid for valuables from precious metals)
  • goods where it is visible significant wear out or is excessively dirty

What increases the price?

  • valid warranty card, purchase contract, proof of purchase, original case (box), documentation, accessoires
  • well-preserved state, less wear out
  • high demand for this kind of goods on trade market.

What reduces the price?

  • missing warranty card, purchase contract, proof of purchase and you are not able to prove the origin of the goods
  • significant wear out, excessively fouling
  • obsolescence (electronics, IT technologies)
  • unfair enclosure proof of origin
  • low demand for this kind of goods on trade market