What we accept for pawn?

The list of movable assets accepted for pawn

Precious metals | computers, notebooks, PC sets, printers, copy machines, scanners, monitors, gaming consoles | cell phones | bicycles | sporting equipment | electric, gasoline and diesel hand tools and machines | means of transport | home appliances | other consumer electronics | watch | PlayStation games, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo | properties, houses, flats, lands | antiquities | jewelery of precious metals and gemstones I paintings, art objects

Other cathegories for pawn

Computers, notebooks, gaming consoles, PC sets, tablets, printers

LenovoFor pawn we accept PC equipment and gaming consoles not older than 5-7 years because the development in the area of IT and entertainment technologies is very fast and the hardware is becoming obsolete in short period of time.

All goods in this product range which will be offered we have to test first. Due to this reason it is necessary the devices to be able to set off and switch on without any problems. Goods which is not possible to set off or is mostly non-functional is not accepted for pawn.

Computers, PC sets

Computers are appraised according to their components – procesor, mother board, RAM, graphic card, type of operating system, hard disc capacity, etc.

By PC sets we appraise each component separately. And it is possible them to pawn separately or as the whole set. If you have original insalling CD or certificate with operating system please bring it with you. The price of the device will be increased.

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Notebooks, tablets

Loan on these devices can be higher if you enclose valid warranty card. By notebooks it is not necessary to have functional battery. It is enaugh to have fully functional network adapter.

We provide loans on all external equipment to notebooks and tablets (printers, external hard discs, etc.)

If your notebook is password protected and you don´t remember it, please don´t forget to bring it with you. Your time will be saved.

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Gaming consoles (desk, pocket)

This cathegory includes PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 ..., PlayStation Vita, X-Box, Nintendo.

SonyThis cathegory is constantly increasing for new generations and new gaming systems. Due to this fact we accept for pawn all actual gaming devices and consoles and their accessoires (gamepads, joysticks, controllers, more expensive steering wheels, dancing mats, motion sensors Kinect, virtual reality, etc.)

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Monitor is mostly used as electronic device which is connected to PC together with graphic card for displaying text and graphic information.

We pawn monitors:

Office, gaming, 4K, 5K, touched, curved, Full HD, with TV tuner, cash, professional

In these used displaying technologies: LCD, TN, OLED, QLED, IPS

Pawn price of the monitor depends on following standards: quality (producer), size (diagonal), screen resolution (pixels), audio (speakers) and according to other specifications of the monitor purpose.

We don´t accept monitors older than 7 years, monitors with video defect, e.g. pixel deformation happen in some part of the screen.

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Printers, copy machines, scanners

CanonPrinters, copy machines and scanners are accepted for pawn fully working with cartridges only.

Types of printers accepted: laser-colour, laser black and white, LED and multifuncional laser, cash, termo, large formated, professional, mobile (to notebooks, etc.), brand new- unused photoprinters, brand new – unused multifunctional ink in better quality.

Types of scanners accepted: desk, mobile, photoscanners, with feeder.

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For pawn is not accepted: ink printers, cheaper versions of multifunctional ink printers, printers without cartridges.

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Cell phones:

iPhone XROn all newer smartphones made by reputable producers in good technical condition we will provide loan.

We don´t offer loans on cell phones blocked, non-functional, disproportionaly worn out, flooded, with cracked display, older production date, fake devices of expensive brands (e.g. iPhones, Samsung), desk phones, faxes, digital wireless desk phones.

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Bicycles, e-bikes, bicycle needs

This category includes men´s, women´s or child´s bicycles, scooters, components (spare parts) and accessoires (helmets, shoes, computers, etc.)

The amount which will be paid for your bicycle or bicycle needs depends on following features and parameters: age and worn with use, official market value, valid warranty card or proof of payment (purchase).


FSIt depends not only on the brand of the bike but also on type of the frame and bike´s components. Therefore it is important before you contact us or come to us without your bike to get more information. The more information you have the more accurate price will be set.

The whole name of the bike (brand, model, year of production). In case the bicycle is not old and is actually offered on European market, we are able to set price using these details.

Otherwise we need to know further details. Size and frame design (men´s, women´s, child´s), type (MTB, trekking, road bike, freestyle, etc.), frame material (iron,aluminium,carbon, titanium or combination of mentioned materials). Components the bike is equipped with, it is enaugh to know the producer and model of these parts. If the bike has suspension, the type of the front fork, back damper, brakes (cable, hydraulic), brake parts (levers, the jaws, calipers), handles with chain rings, gear, derailleur and front derailleur.

From above mentioned information we will be able to recognize the bicycle quality and set off the draft pawn price.

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us. We will provide detailed information.

Accepted types for pawn: MTB, enduro, freeride, trekking and cross bikes, citybike, road and fitness bikes, cyclocross, trial, BMX and freestyle, dirt, downhill, cruiser, scooters, e-bikes, e-scooters, excercise bikes.

Bicycle needs and components: provided amount on this kind of goods is applied only on new or well-preserved goods.

List of bicycle needs: computers, navigations, helmets, shoes (MTB, road), bike glasses, backpacks and bags. Components are accepted only for these types: MTB, trekking, cross, road and fitness. The price of the components is set according to its age and worn with use and according to series set by each producer. Each producer has its own range of componets quality. The list of bike component companies is huge but by us the most common are brands Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM. They offer the biggest range of spare parts and whole sets of components. For pawn is also accepted whole sets of components for these bicycles.

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Sports equipment

We accept all sports equipment, professional and hobby used for common sport activities. Sports equipment for childeren or adults have to be in such condition not to cause injury by further use.

List of accepted sports equipment

Bicycle needs, skis, cross-country skis, snowboards (boots, skiboots and bindings for this range of goods), ice-skates (ice hockey, figure skating, women´s), roller skates (fitness, ice hockey, speed skating, freestyle), scooters, skateboards, sporttesters, outdoor cameras, tennis rackets or squash rackets.

Tools for combat sports, trekking, mountain climbing, fishing, horse riding, power and motor sports.

All safety equipment and some apparel to these sports.

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Electric, Accu, petrol, diesel hand tools and machines

Tools withhout motor drive – sets of tools, sets of wrenches, gola sets, leveling devices, gardening tools, specific mixes.

BoschElectric tools with petrol or diesel drive accepted – all craft and gardening profi tools of all significant brands and selected hobby tools in good technical condition.

List of electric tools we accept for pawn

grinders (angular, disc, belt), drills (desk, columned, freestanding), hammers (demolition, combined), rechargeable screwdrivers, power saws (straight saws, buzz saws, chain saws), multifunctional tools, grass-cutters, brushcutters (stringed, disc), scissors (garden, craft), cutters, power plants (diesel, petrol), welders, pumps, high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, multipurpose vacuum cleaners, snow grinders, wood splitem, cultivators, garden tractors, working quad bikes.

Air-operated tools are accepted for pawn in limited extent and specific kinds only.

All goods in this product range which will be offered to us have to be closely tested first. In view of the fact it is necessary the device can be plugged in and switched on without any troubles. The goods which is not possible to set off or is mostly non-functional is not accepted for pawn. Pay attention to have fuel fluid in your tools.

If you have documentation to your tools, proof of purchase, warranty card, original packaging please bring it with you. It can have impact on the price.

čističkaBuilding machines - plate compactors, vibrating rammers, vibrating rollers, cutters, high-pressure cleaners, mini diggers, conveyors, trailers, fork-lifts, convectors, dryers, jackhammers.

Shipping, utility and special cars - shipping, delivery, cargo, tractor trailers, cars with hydraulic arm, cars with refrigerating extension, cabinet cars, vans (minibuses).

It is necessary to enclose proof of purchase and technical certificate for some machines.

We reserve the right to cancel the business anytime during accepting goods for pawn before the contract is concluded.

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Domestic appliances, electronics

HyundaiWhite technology:

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, inbuilt ovens, cooktops, cooker hoods, cookers, dishwashers, microwave ovens.

Some goods from this category is accepted brand new or with warranty card only!

Small domestic appliances:

irons, blenders, food processors, robots, coffee machines, hoovers (flooring,kitchen, robotic), hair irons, shaver machines, hair dryers, bathroom scales, solarium and infrared lamps, domestic bakeries, grills, toasters, juicers, steam pots, desk cookers, kitchen scales, sewing machines, domestic draft beer machines, fans, table lamps, jug kettlers, heating, air-conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air-cleaners.

Some of the goods from this category is accepted brand new or with warranty card only!

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Other consumer electronics

Audio, video, list:


Tv sets, home cinemas, hi-fi components, Bluray players (Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD, 3D), DVB-T2 receivers, DVB-T2 combo receivers, movable audio, cameras, digital cameras, navigations, digital satelite HD receivers, clock radios, projectors, two-way radios, USB flashdiscs, binoculars, telescopes, e-book readers.

TV sets accepted: Smart, LED, OLED, QLED, 3D, 4K Ultra HD, 8K, interior, movable, car TV sets.

By movable TV sets and DVD sets charger must be included.

You can also bring TV accessoires as follows: TV tables, antennas, webcams, 3D glasses, universal controllers.


CD, Bluray players, 4K Ultra HD, 3D, SACD, etc. the newest players, gramophones, tuners, receivers, amplifiers, whole sets.

We also accept accessoires for hi-fi components - high quality headsets, loud speakers, active loud speakers.kompakt

Digital cameras:

compact, reflex, unreflex

By prior arrangement we accept for pawn some film cameras, instant or historical cameras.

We accept following kind of accessoires - lenses, optical filters, flashes, memory card readers, memory cards, tripods, tripod heads, photobags, solar chargers.

Digital cameras:

videocameras (Full HD, 4K Ultra HD etc. the newest systems), non-professional, professional, outdoor, car videocameras, industrial cameras, drones).

We accept for pawn this kind of accessoires - memory card readers, memory cards, tripods, tripod heads, lenses, solar chargers, camerabags.

Majority of these electronics which is offered to us has to be closely tested. In view of this fact it is necessary the device can be easily plugged in and switched on. Goods which is not able toset off or is mostly non-functional can´t be accepted.

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Watch, clock:

We accept for pawn smartwatch, wristwatch, pocket watch, interior clock, pendular clock, design alarm clock

Wristwatch, pocket watch:

We accept starting from simple electronic quartz watch (renowned brands only) with plastic case and acrylate plate from large-series production up to exklusive mechanical automatic watch with platinum case, sapphire plate with huge number of complications, men´s and women´s.

The price is set according to its treatment, construction, brand and used material.

It is considered the quality of watch case, plate, machine, waterresistance, accuracy and material wrist band treatment.

Estimation of more expensive watch and autenticity certification can take more time. It is better to contact us before and make an appointment.

If you have certificate, proof of payment, orignal case don´t forget to bring it with you.

We don´t accept cheaper watch, mechanically damaged, incomplete and having scuffed plating, scratched, flooded, oxidised with non-functional machine.

Please make sure before you visit us your watch with electronical power have functional battery.

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Tomb RaiderGames for:

PlayStation, Xbox ONE, Nintendo.

We accept for pawn the newest more expensive games for these gaming devices in original packaging only.

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paintings, statuettes, objects (from alpaca, brass, silver, gold and bronze), gold-platted and silver-platted, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, weapons (gun, cool), military equipment, alarm clocks, clock, dishes, jars, vases, candle holders, binoculars, wood cravings, pipes, figurines (glass, wood, porcelan, metal), photo device, gramophones, mortars, playing machines, musical instruments, ceramics, medals, coins, banknotes, furniture, helmets, radios, cigarette cases, phones, scales, mirrors,...

We accept for pawn historical articles where the higher value is obvious and is conditioned by preciousness, quality and age of the object.

Because we are not directly specialized in antiquities, it can take more time by some historical objects to authenticate their genuiness and setting the price.

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Works of art:

List of works of art we accept and provide loan for:

Justicepaintings, statuettes, sculptures, carpets, works of art (from gold, silver, bronze, alpaca, brass,gold-platted, silver-platted, ceramics, iron), wood cravings, jars, vases, figurines, all object for common usage with added art creation.

The height of the amount is also affected by these points: author, material, rendition quality.

In case you have proof of purchase or autenticity certificate for work of art please bring it with you.

Because we are not directly specialized in works of art, it can take more time by some objects to authenticate their qenuiness and setting the pawn price.

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Jewels made of precious metals / Jewels with diamonds, gemstones

šperkyWe accept for pawn jewels made of precious metals of gold, silver and platinum, separate or set with diamonds, gemstones.

If you have proof of purchase or certificate to your jewels, don´t forget to bring it with you. The value of your jewel will be increased.

We don´t accept for pawn separate stones (gemstones, diamonds) and pearls.