Pawn conditions, Price list

Pawn is arranged for the period of 28 days with the possibility of termination and paying off anytime during the validity.

The fee is set weekly. Every not started week is being deducted.

If you don´t want to redeem the loan, you don´t have to. You have no personal responsibility, the warranty is related to your valuabe only.

The interest rate is as follows:

to 5 000,- of loaned amount


over 5 000,- of loaned amount


over 10 000,- of loaned amount


over 100 000,- of loaned amount


Every expired pawn is kept 14 days, during this period you still have chance the pawn pay off or extend.


Minimum fee for concluding contract is 100 Kč, if the loaned amount and the duration is as low as it doesn´t match interest of 100 Kč.

How much we loan you?

From 50 to 70% actual market price. It depends on the condition and the age of the offered object.

What conditions you have to meet?

We loan adults older than 18 years with valid ID card only.

The lowest loaned amount is 500 Kč. The goods must be at least triple worth.

Period and extention of pawn

Pawn of the movable thing is arranded for 28 days with the posibility of colletion after weeks (7,14,21,28 days). Every not started week is being deducted. E.g. you collect paw within one week, you pay only for 7 days from 28 days. If you pay the interest in the day the pawn is ending, it is possible to extend it again up to 28 days.

The pawn period is unlimited provided on condition you pay the interest for loan and safekeeping latest on the due date. The pawn can be permanently extended for any weeks, max. for one month unlimited.

Pawn termination

In case, you pay all pawn fees to the due date, the loan amount and the loan interest, the goods will be transfered back to your property and the object will be returned to you.

If you collect the pawn one week earlier or more weeks, will this week(s) be deducted from the pawn and the loan interest will be reduced.

Safety period

Every goods, which will be expired due to uncollected pawn is automatically kept for 14 days. For these days there is still chance to pay out or extend the pawn.

Long-term loans

In case you need long-term loan it is possible to arrange pawn for longer period than it is usually offered. It depends on the kind of pawned goods and on the amount you want to receive.



Objects you leave for pawn are carefully saved in a special room, where are protected against damage and theft.

Precious metals and small valuables are kept in a safebox.

Cars and other oversize objects are kept in a secured private land.

Car pawn

We accept for pawn not only cars and trucks, but also motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, minibuses, trailers, campers, mobile homes. For more information here.

Pawn of gold and silver

We accept gold from fineness 333/1000 (8 Kt.). Minimum quantity of scrap silver for pawn is 80g and for repurchase 30g.

Gold (prices for 1g of gold)

PurityCaratsPledge price 09.06.2023
999/100024 carats1.306 CZK
750/100018 carats981 CZK
585/100014 carats765 CZK
375/10009 carats491 CZK
333/10008 carats436 CZK

Silver (prices for 1g of silver)

PurityPledge price 09.06.2023
999/100011 CZK
959/100011 CZK
900/100010 CZK
835/10009 CZK
800/10009 CZK

Properties pawn

We accept properties such as flats, houses, lands, relaxing areas, commercial properties. For more information here.