Responsibility for defects

First of all we make efforts our selling goods has no defects. In order to we always detailed check the origin of the goods and its functionality. Even though if the defects appear, we will follow the law. Especially the defect can be claimed within 12 months after acceptance of the goods. At the same time you must be able to prove the defect has already existed when taking over the goods. You have to state whether you require removing the defect by repairing or you wish to receive discount from the purchase price or refund of the whole purchase price. Withing 15 days you will receive notification from us, whether we accept claiming defect. If yes and you will require reparation of the item, we are usually able to arrange it within 15 days. If it is not possible to repair the item, we will infrom you with other proposal. If you require discount from the purachase price, we will offer you the amount. If you don´t agree, you will have the right to require the refund of the whole amount. The amount will be refunded within one week after notification we accept the defect, from the day of your refund request delivery.

7days probation period

On goods purchased in our store we provide 7days probation period. In case you find out hidden defect during this period, which was during the sale we will offer you discount or we will refund you the amount without waiting 30 days when complaint will be settled.

Warranty from the producer

Some of our goods has still valid warranty from the producer. If yes it is necessary to claim the defect firstly by the producer and then follow the steps from above paragraph.

Responsibility in case of selling lost or stolen item

First of all we truly try to avoid such cases. Therefore we verify the origin of the goods by all available resources. If such doubt appear we don´t sell these goods. It is not possible after our care to prevent sale of lost or stolen item, which can be required back from the owner. These cases are absolutely rare. In case you will be obliged to hand over the lost or stolen item to the owner, we will refund you, within one week, the whole amount.

Possibility to cancel the contract during selling in e-shop

By selling in e-shop you have the right to cancel the contract without any reason within 14 days after taking over the goods. If you use this service and you will return the goods , we will refund you the amount within 14 days.