Car pawn

Quick help in pressed for money. Pawn of cars safely and budget-wisely in 30 min.

We accept for pawn not only cars and trucks, but also motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, minibuses, trailers, campers, mobile homes.

Expres provozovna

Interest rate for car cash loans.

To   30 000,-         5%

Over 30 000,-       4%

Over 60 000,-       2%


Over 200 000,-     1%


Minimum period for car pawn is 28 days. The interest is calculated for one week. Extension of pawn for 28 days is charged after weeks. Every not started week is being deducted.

Requested documents for car pawn:

  • technical certificate
  • valid certificate of MOT test entered in technical certificate.
  • valid certificate of emissions (not necessary)
  • certificate of public car insurance

Other very important points:

  • The car has to be not older than 15 years (if goes not about vintage car). Exceptionally can be older but in a very good technical condition
  • You have to be registered as owner in the technical certificate
  • No leasing burdened
  • No execution on the car owners
  • No insolvency by companies
  • Requested new business register statement from companies
  • Requested new business register statement from companies
  • ID card or pasport

Car pawn is arranged usually for 28 days.

Contract can be arranged for longer period according to agreement and type of offered car.

Financial funds, we offer for pawn, will be in range from 40 – 70% from the actual market price.

By means of transport the pawn price is set according to year of manufacture, technical conditions, number of driven kms, equipment and design.

There are no favoured car and other vehicles brand names. We don´t accept means of transport in bad technical condition and older year of manufacture if it goes not about vintage cars.

Money is received immediately after signing the pawn contract.

You can speed up the process by filling below form in and sending it back to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Cars and other oversized objects are kept in a safe private land.

We reserve the right to resign the business during receiving the pawn, before the contract is signed.

Requested details for repurchse and pawn of motor vehicle

Type (car, motorbike, etc.)
Brand mark (Škoda, Ford, etc.)
Model (Octavia, Fiesta, etc.)
Year of manufacture (2018, etc.)
Lift volume of rollers (1390 cm3, 2450 cm3, etc.)
Fuel (petrol, oil, hybrid, EL, etc.)
Type of bodywork (station wagon, sedan, etc.)
Speedometer number of kms (15500 km)
VIN code (ID number of the vehicle)
Service book (missing, correctly fullfilled)


Form for pawn and repurchase of vehicles

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Údaje o vozidle
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Značka vozu*: ! Model vozu*: !
Rok výroby*: ! Číslo karoserie (VIN)*: !
Motor (objem)*: ! Palivo*: !
Stav tachometru (km)*: ! Odhadovaná cena majitelem:  
Servisní knížka: ! Ano   Ne
Doplňující údaje
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