Pawn shop - Second-hand shop Expres Hotovost

Don´t believe in bad words you have heard about pawn shops. Pawn shops are not dark places as mentioned in mass media. These days are still being unfairly defamed. One of thing we have set as our goal is to change this clasification and to set new perspective on our work.

Our store Expres Hotovost is concerned with pawn business on professional level more than 10 years.

In 2010 we have launged first e-shop with second-hand goods in Czech Republic. We managed to move upvirtual business with well-preserved goods to the same level as in classical e-shop with new goods.

2018 has been very successful for us. We managed to open new store Expres Hotovost in Plzen where we utilized our long-standing experiences with loans compared to pawn and sale of second-hand goods.

Our latest act is dated to 2020 when we have completely upgraded and customer friendly modified our websites Expres Hotovost.

Why to cooperate with us, how we can help you and in which area are we really good?

Do you need loan or buy or sell high-quality goods, you are on the right place.

Quick and advantageous loan by pawn from 1,9% interest can be arranged in our store Expres Hotovost.

Would you like to sell your valuables worth of money? No problem. If we are interested in your goods, we will pay you a good price.

Cheap and quality well-preserved goods you can find in our e-shop or in our store Expres Hotovost in Plzen.

Jewels and watch from gold, silver and with diamonds, gemstones. Luxury but also for common wearing you can find in our e-shop and also when you visit our store Expres Hotovost in Plzen, Mikulášská tř. 4. We will be happy to serve you.

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to your visit.